About the Technology Outlook > Australian Tertiary Education 2014-2019, an NMC Horizon Report Analysis

Horizon Reports

The Technology Outlook > Australian Tertiary Education Edition 2014-2019 is part of a longitudinal research study of emerging technologies that began in March 2002. Since that time, under the banner of the Horizon Project, the NMC and its research partners have held an ongoing series of conversations and dialogs with its panel of experts — a group that now numbers over 750 technology professionals, campus technologists, faculty leaders from colleges and universities, museum professionals, teachers and other school professionals, and representatives of leading corporations from more than 40 countries. For more than a decade, these conversations have been mined to provide the insights on emerging technology that are published annually in the NMC Horizon Report series.

The NMC Horizon Project is currently in its eleventh year, dedicated to charting the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in education globally. In 2008, the NMC added to the three main NMC Horizon Reports a new series of regional and sector-based studies, called the NMC Technology Outlooks, with the dual goals of understanding how technology is being absorbed using a smaller lens, and also noting the contrasts between technology use in one area or field compared to another. To date, the NMC has conducted studies of technology uptake in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Iberoamerica, Brazil, and Singapore and has plans in place to expand that research to Europe, Africa, India, and others. The flagship NMC Horizon Report, focused on higher education, is translated into multiple languages every year. Over all editions, the readership of the reports is estimated at over 1.5 million worldwide, with readers in over 100 countries.

This project, the Technology Outlook > Australian Tertiary Education Edition 2014-2019 focused specifically on Australian education and the emerging technologies, key trends, and critical challenges that are impacting it. The members of the Horizon.au panel of experts were purposely chosen to represent a broad spectrum of people knowledgeable about tertiary education in Australia; key writers, thinkers, technologists, and futurists from education, business, and industry round out the group.

In this wiki, they engaged in a comprehensive review and analysis of research, articles, papers, blogs, and interviews; discussed existing applications, and brainstormed new ones; and ultimately ranked the items on the list of candidate technologies for their potential relevance to teaching, learning, or creative inquiry in Australian tertiary education. The results of this ranking were published in the Technology Outlook > Australian Tertiary Education Edition 2014-2019.

To share your educational technology projects with the NMC, so they might potentially be featured in an upcoming NMC Horizon Report, the NMC Horizon Project Navigator database (http://navigator.nmc.org), or the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App (http://go.nmc.org/app), visit http://go.nmc.org/projects.