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some nice stuff here but really relates to 'one key issue' how can we design them meaningful into pedagogical purposes? - gillysalmon gillysalmon Feb 6, 2014
  • Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
    A new app for Android from the University of Bonn monitors your smartphone usage to gauge if you have become dependant on your device. It tells you how long you spend on the phone per day and which apps you use the most, as part of what the team hopes will become the most comprehensive and accurate study of smartphone usage to date. - jnxyz jnxyz Feb 2, 2014 - dirk dirk Feb 2, 2014- jason.maddern jason.maddern Feb 12, 2014 Yes, but I don't need an app to know that :(.
  • Australians Increasingly Worried about Online Privacy, 48 Per Cent Say Social Media is Biggest Privacy Risk
    The latest results from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's longitudinal study of attitudes to privacy finds Australians are increasingly worried about the risks.mmm list under 'reasons not to innovate' (and the list is loo000ng enough! - gillysalmon gillysalmon Feb 6, 2014 (- cpaterso cpaterso Feb 6, 2014)
  • Aussie Police Say Apple Maps May Be Dangerous To Your Health
    Police in Victoria, Australia, have fielded several distress calls from motorists following Maps only to become lost in Murray Sunset National Park. The park is located in southeastern Australia where can temperatures can reach 114 degrees (46 degrees Celsius).
  • Aussies Invent Gizmo for Parkinson's Falls
    Australian scientists have invented a headband that warns people with Parkinson's disease when they are in danger of a bone-breaking fall.
  • The First 4G Car, the Audi S3, Debuts in Europe
    The world’s first LTE-connected car, courtesy of Audi, is available in Europe with fully integrated 4G connectivity. The S3 and forthcoming A3 will use their LTE chips to link its on-board nav system to the cloud with access to Google Earth and Streetview. Drivers can access social media networks Facebook and Twitter with voice commands, though its Audi Connect platform is still light on other apps. And the LTE connection can also be redistributed to other devices in the car through Wi-Fi. - jason.maddern jason.maddern Feb 12, 2014 Only a matter of time
  • Is Gmail Secure Enough for My Private Emails?
    This article discusses how Gmail's privacy policy works and other alternatives to using Gmail including FastMail, which is owned by Opera Software (Opera is Norwegian), registered in Micronesia (.fm), and based in Australia.- joanne.woodrow joanne.woodrow Feb 4, 2014- jason.maddern jason.maddern Feb 12, 2014
  • How Smartphones Make You Smarter
    This is an interview with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a psychologist at University College London and vice president of Hogan Assessments, an online personality consultancy, and Sharon Oviatt, author of “The Design of Future Educational Interfaces,” a new book about how technology helps people improve their performance in mathematics, science and languages.
  • Journal App Narrato Gets Quantified Self With Moves Integration And Wider Platform Play
    Narrato aims to be an intermediary between different data types, like an Evernote for your life, giving you a personal cloud for populating any type of data. For example, you can import Tweets, Foursquare checkins, any social data, or more advanced things like health-related data,” he says. - jnxyz jnxyz Feb 2, 2014 - dirk dirk Feb 2, 2014- joanne.woodrow joanne.woodrow Feb 4, 2014
  • Tame Wants To Help Hacks, Flacks, And Other Social Media Types Tame The Noise On Twitter
    Berlin-based startup Tame is a context search engine for Twitter. The mobile and tablet-friendly web app analyses content from your Twitter followers or based on a specific search to algorithmically surface the top hashtags, the Twitter users most mentioned, and the top links shared over the past 24 hours. The idea is to give you an at-a-glance overview of content populated on Twitter via your own Twitter feed or topics that you explicitly wish to delve into, without having to do much upfront work.